Six word murder mystery challenge

Decide which of the six-word mystery stories below you like best

Don’t drink the punch, too late….


Who dunnit? I dunno.

Where does this dark stairway lead?

Wait here! I’ll be right back.

What happened to the lights….?

“The glazed doughnuts are missing” (Burp)

The child was not actually his.

Forgot to mention bridge is gone

What was in the cold cellar?

You forgot the birth control??!!

Really…he FELL on my knife…

Don’t light the match – too late!

Honey, wake up! I heard something!

Interesting- tastes like bitter almonds….thud

I shouldn’t have eaten that. XP

*stab* uh, I didn’t cheat honey.

Run. Don’t look back. Bang Bang

Hand it over or I’ll shoot.

scream….appears the brakes are gone

Colonel Mustard force fed him hotdogs.

Work together to write your own


PDF version for easy printing: Six word mystery challenge

1 Response to Six word murder mystery challenge

  1. Ashley says:

    I turn around, he was there

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