Prohibitions guess the place

Everybody Up 4 Unit 7

Students take one card and read any of the clues (or their own ideas if they have any) until someone guesses the place. They can then continue with their own ideas of places and things people can’t do.


A zooYou can’t feed the animals.

You can’t open the gates.

You can’t touch most of the animals.


An English host familyYou can’t flush the toilet at night.

You can’t help yourself to food.


A swimming poolYou can’t take off your hat.

You can’t wear shoes.

You can’t push other people.

You can’t fight.

Children in nappies can’t go in.


A bankYou can’t wear a mask.

You can’t wear a motorcycle helmet.


English classYou can’t speak your own language.

You can’t copy other people.



PDF for easy saving and printing: Prohibitions guess the place 

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