Wallace and Gromit The Wrong Trousers modals of probability/ possibility

If you think one of these statements are shown to be right by what we’ve seen in the film, shout out the number.

Correct = 3 points; Wrong = -1 point

If the statement is wrong, at the end of the film tell the teacher so and why.

  1. It must be Gromit’s birthday.
  2. Wallace must have had a late night.
  3. Gromit must be able to read.
  4. The green card could be for Gromit.
  5. That must be painful.
  6. That couldn’t happen in real life.
  7. He might’ve hurt his back.
  8. There’s money in the piggy bank.
  9. He doesn’t seem very happy about his presents.

10. The penguin has to bring Wallace’s slippers.

11. Gromit looks really annoying.

12. Wallace is like the penguin.

13. It’s probably going to rain.

14. He must have slept in the dustbin.

15. The poster must be of the same penguin as is staying in Wallace’s house.

16. The penguin might’ve taken off the controls.

17. When the penguin came into the house, Gromit had looked at the map.

18. When Wallace was walking on the ceiling, the penguin was controlling him.

19. If something hits the laser, it must set off the alarm.

20.  Wallace said he didn’t know where he was

21. When the penguin pulls out his gun, Gromit is dropping what he is carrying.

22. When Wallace took the gun, the penguin had already been shooting it.

23. The penguin had been in ‘prison’ before.


PDF version for easy printing: Wallace and Gromit Modals of probability

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