Trigger Happy TV personality words

As you watch the video, if you see anything that illustrates a personality word in English shout the word out. For example, if you see someone taking a taxi for a very short journey you could shout “Lazy!” The teacher will then stop the film and discuss whether it’s the correct word. Your team get one for a correct answer and minus one for a wrong one. The team with the most points at the end of the video win.

There are some suggestions for possible words below, but you may use any personality words you know.

Generous Criminal Loud

Suspicious Violent Insensitive

Interfering Skilful Naive

Greedy Depressed Musical

Honest Nervous Apologetic

Tedious Sarcastic Nosy

Stylish Curious Subtle

Cautious Sociable Stupid

Silly Fun Funny

Annoying Knowledgeable Stressed

Childish Boring Clumsy



PDF for easy printing: Trigger Happy TV personality words

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