Rules for teenagers sentence completion

You are parents of two teenagers. Work together, choose sentence stems from below and agree on rules for them.

We wouldn’t let them______________________

We’d expect them ________________________

We’d make them _________________________

We’d tell them not ________________________

We’d warn them not ______________________

We’d let them ___________________________

We’d encourage them ____________________

We’d ask them __________________________

We’d ask them not _______________________

We’d want them _________________________

We’d __________________ unless they could afford to pay for it themselves

We’d offer ______________________________

We’d attempt ____________________________

We’d try to get them used __________________

We wouldn’t mind ________________________

We’d avoid _____________________________

We’d remind them _______________________

We’d teach them ________________________

We’d try to inspire them ___________________

We’d order them ________________________

We’d keep _____________________________

We’d consider __________________________

We’d aim ______________________________

We’d refuse ____________________________

We’d insist ____________________________

We’d approve _________________________

We’d disapprove _______________________

We’d want them to believe _______________

We’d want them to concentrate ____________

We’d forgive them ______________________

We’d object __________________________

We’d worry __________________________

We’d tell them to rely __________________

We’d prevent them ____________________

We’d tell them to always apologise ________


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Rules for teenagers sentence completion

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