More medical word roots

X ray- x for unknown quantity
Nicotine- for Jean Nicot, Fr. Ambassador who sent seeds back to France
Bulimia- the hunger of an ox
Endoscope- endo- within

Angina, caries, delirium, fistula, mucus, tibia, verruca, vertebra, virus, placenta, cortex from corticis ‘bark’, ovum from ovi (egg)- oval, oral, mammary, renal
Bacillus- little stick

Pairs of Greek and Latin
Mastectomy- mammary
Hypodermic/ subcutaneous

Greek Latin hybrids
Appendicitis, hypertension, radiology

Greek plus English

Greek plus Arabic

Glucose- gluekos- sweet wine
Morphine- Morpheus- god of sleep
Cholera- Greek- Khole- gall/ bile

Grand mal and petit mal
Dentist- (dent = tooth)

Arabic or Persian
Alkali, soda, retina

Sneeze, sniffle, snore

Short forms

Acquired immune deficiency system


As this is more a resource for teachers to use than a ready-to-use photocopiable worksheet, no PDF this time!

1 Response to More medical word roots

  1. carla says:

    Realllllllly useful, thank you for sharing.

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