Weekends Past Perfect and Past Continuous

Tell your partner two things you did at the weekend and they will try to make a sentence saying which one you did first or that you were doing them at the same time

Listen to music/ Listen to my mp3 player

Listen to the radio

Have a lie in

Do the washing = Do the laundry

Do the washing up = Do the dishes

Cut up vegetables

Go on a trip/ Get out of town

Tidy my flat

Clean my flat = Do the cleaning

Go shopping/ Window shopping

Do the shopping

Hang around at home

Meet up with a few friends

A beer or two/ A few drinks/ Drink too much/ Drunk


DIY/ Decorating

A family gathering/ A school reunion/ Get together with…

Rained/ snowed/ sun came out/ thunder/ lightening

Sun rises —– Sun sets

Clean my teeth

Make breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ a snack/ Cook/ Bake

Get dressed = Put on your clothes/ Get changed

Take care of = Look after/ Babysitting

Have a shower/ bath

Take the dog out for a walk = Walk the dog

Feed the dog/ cat/ fish/ baby

Arrive home

Go out with = Have a date with

Lie down

Go to bed/ Go to sleep

Wake up/ Get up/ Get out of bed

Visit/ Go and see

Have breakfast/ lunch/ dinner

Take out the rubbish

Have a cup of tea/ coffee/ herb tea/ hot chocolate

Have a snack

Chat/ Gossip/ Tell jokes


PDF for easy saving and printing: Weekends Past Perfect Past Continuous

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