Creativity at Work Past Continuous Accusations Game

Choose one of the things below and accuse your partner of doing it. Can they think of a good reason for their actions? (You can’t say you weren’t doing it)

The last time I walked past your office…
…you were staring out of the window
…you were doodling
…you were standing by the water cooler and chatting with all the people who went past
…you were decorating the walls of your office instead of working
…you were doing yoga/ stretching exercises
…you were watching youtube
…you were playing a game on your Nintendo DS
…you were listening to baroque music with your eyes closed
…you were practicing the saxophone
… you were taking a nap
… you were spinning round and round on your chair
… you were reading a woman’s magazine
… you were drawing a spider on the whiteboard
… you were sharpening every pencil in your department
… you were slapping yourself around the face
… you were shadow boxing
Do you think any of the above are acceptable at work?

Do any of the above help creativity?

Do you think creative people need to have different rules at work from other employees?

What are your top tips for coming up with original ideas in your job?

Try to think of as many new ideas as you can for the material that your teacher is going to describe to you, and present your best idea to the whole class.

How did you come up with your ideas? What techniques did you use?


PDF for easy saving and printing: Creativity at work Past Continuous accusations

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