People around you vocabulary

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Module 1

Test each other on the meaning, spelling, pronunciation etc of the following words:

great great grandfather                           mate                               partner

fiancé                                                        fiancée              ex

acquaintance                                           classmate                      pal

stepfather                                                 half sister

younger brother/ little brother   youngest brother/ baby brother

aunt                                                           best friend                     roommate

colleague                                                  workmate                       flatmate

housemate                                               stranger                          passerby

relative                                         niece                              nephew

tutor/ homeroom teacher                        private tutor/ one to one teacher

boss                                                         line manager

sibling                                                       spouse              neighbour

next door neighbour                                pen pal              ancestor

descendant                                              mum/ mom

mistress                                                    trophy wife                     steady boyfriend

great uncle                                               in-laws               twin

employer                                                  employee                       close friend

best friend                                                fling                                 grandchild

birth parent                                               foster parent                  homeboy

buddy                                                        school friend                  old friend

gran/ nan                                                  second cousin  father-in-law

Put the words above into the following categories

Family Romance Friends Work and studies Other

Find things in common about people you know, e.g. “I’ve got two older brothers” or “I don’t know my neighbours”

Extra practice online


PDF version for easy saving and printing: PeopleAroundYouVocabulary

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