Emailing games, worksheets and e-book

Loads of pdfs, teaching ideas and useful phrases for formal and informal emails, starting and ending emails, etc. If you find anything useful here and would like even more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching emailing e-book

Teaching Emailing: Interactive Classroom Activities 2nd Ed (over 350 pages of photocopiable materials) – NEW EDITION

Articles on teaching emailing

Emailing articles

Lists of emailing phrases (for students or for teachers planning classes)

The 100 most useful emailing phrases

The 100 most useful phrases for starting emails

The 100 most useful phrases for ending emails

Index pages for specific aspects of emailing

Academic emails page

Opening and closing emails page

Email error correction worksheets page

Email paragraphing and punctuation worksheets page

Emailing vocabulary worksheets page

Formality/ politeness in emailing worksheets page

Emailing functional language worksheets page

Grammar for emailing page

Email and telephone worksheets page (comparing and contrasting the two)

FCE emails and letters page

More general photocopiable emailing classroom activities (see index pages above for more specific ones and the e-book above for many many more)

Emails about insurance roleplays – NEW

Emailing rotating revision board game

Email enquiries disappearing text memory game

Enquiries about Zoom emailing lesson

Emails from other countries guess the place

Emailing prepositions and determiners pairwork

Business emails tips and useful phrases

Emailing phrases Which is more common?

Acceptable but rare email expressions

Business chain emails game

Business chain emails game lower level version

Use and continue the common email phrases

Emailing in English test

Match the email phrase startings and endings

FCE (First Certificate in English) Writing- Application Letter Tasks

Email and letter phrases key word sentence transformations

Key words in business writing Word formation games

Emailing roleplays and brainstorming useful phrases

Completing email phrases brainstorming

Open cloze practice of emailing phrases (for FCE Writing and Use of English, but useful for other classes)

Emails to academic staff Tips and useful phrases

Emails to report on meetings

Opinions on emailing (with strong and weak opinions)

Give advice on emailing and other business communication (with useful phrases for advice)

Lesson plans on teaching emailing

Fun with formal letters (easily adaptable for emailing, an interactive lesson on asking for information and negotiating with writing in class that is fun- a lesson of mine on Onestopenglish lesson share)

Emailing 1 Lesson plan and Worksheets (also mine on Onestopenglish, this one on making arrangements and an introduction to formality differences)

Related pages

Functional language useful for emailing

Business functional language reviews

Enquiries and dealing with enquiries page

Making arrangements page

Complaints and dealing with complaints page

Other related pages

CVs and cover letters page – NEW LINK

Writing main page

Updated 16 March 2023

1 Response to Emailing games, worksheets and e-book

  1. Luke Lorenc says:

    Thank you so much for these resources! I especially like “The 100 most useful emailing phrases”. I don’t think I could come up with a list that thorough, plus email examples would only demonstrate a handful of the phrases.

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