Third person S games/ worksheets

Around 20 third person singular of Present Simple PDFs and other activities for he, she and it + verb + s. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Third person S games article and blog posts

Third person S guessing games – LINK UPDATED

Three nice new simple third person S games

A nice simple game for has/ has got

Lists of useful language for teaching third person S

Homophones with third person S forms

Photocopiable third person S classroom activities

Third person S statements bluffing coin game

Third person S questions alphabet game (with optional drawing element)

He has/ She has third person S games (including objects and people vocabulary)

Present Simple third person S routines information gap

Third person S guess the person game

Present Simple Guess Who game

Describing international companies (mainly Present Simple, plus nationality adjectives and a smattering of other tenses)

Xmas mix and match (third person S, Present Simple and Xmas vocabulary)

He likes/ She likes games

Does he/ she like pick and draw game

Do you like and does he like categories coin game

Third person S songs

Tubthumper by Chumbawamba (link to lyrics)

Other activities with third person S in

Present Simple reading, speaking and drawing game

Activities easily adaptable for third person S

Timetables battleships (just tell them one student’s timetable is a boy’s and the other is a girl’s)

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It is/ They are games and other worksheets

Present Simple games/ worksheets main page

Likes and dislikes page

Have/ Have got page

Updated 26 August 2022

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