Talking about photos Extended speaking

Worksheet 1- For the person speaking

Imagine that three photos which are very important to you are in the squares below. Take turns describing the photos with your partner, speaking as long as you can. Your partner won’t ask you any questions until you have completely finished speaking.


Talking about photos Extended speaking

Worksheet 2- For the person listening

Listen to your partner talk about a photo as long as they can. Do not interrupt them or ask them questions until they have completely finished, just tick the topics that they talk about. When they can’t think of anything else to say, ask them about any topics they didn’t talk about.

 People in the photo- appearance, character, expressions, clothes, ages, poses etc.

 Relationships between them and between you and them

 Objects in the photo- colour, age, shape etc.

 Positions of things and people in the photos, e.g. in relationship to each other

 The setting/ The background

 When it was taken

 How it was taken

 How it was developed or printed

 Where it was taken from?

 The equipment it was taken with

 Where you store or display it

 Other people who have copies of it or have looked at it

 The last time you looked at it

 How you feel when you look at it

 Colour/ Black and white?

 Close up?

 Colours in the photo

 The light (Artificial? Which direction from? Bright? Shadow?)

 Possible ways of improving this photo

 Why you chose this photo to speak about

 Any similar photos?

 Other photos of the same scene, objects or people?

 Several attempts needed to take this photo?

 Put it online or emailed it to anyone?


PDF for easy saving and printing: PhotosExtendedSpeaking

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