This that these those Pictionary

Choose one of the cards below or take a card from the cut up pack of cards that your teacher has prepared and draw the whole sentence, including “this” or “these” by drawing it or them very big at the front of the picture and “that” and “those” by drawing it or them very small at the back of the picture.

This is a staple

These are rubber bands

Those are torches (= flashlights)

This is a thermostat

These are crayons

That is the ceiling

Those are envelopes

This is my jaw

This is my forehead

These are eyelashes

Those are eyebrows

This is a shoulder

Those are knees

These are elbows

This is my index finger (= first finger)

This clock says five to twelve

That clock says twenty to six

Those clocks say quarter to three

This is my throat

These are my armpits

Those are women

Those are children

These are scissors

Those are trousers

That chair is between two boxes

That woman is between two men

This chalk is between two watches

This food is Italian

This animal is Australian

These flags are American

Those flags are Japanese


PDF version for easy printing – This that these those pictionary

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