Natural English Intermediate Units 6 and 11 vocabulary review


 retirement  grow  grow up  satisfied
 pride  wealthy  poverty  the following month
 throughout  towards the end  elect  suntanned
 in your mid-fifties  realise  disappointing  place of birth
 landscape  broken leg  countryside  village
 horrendous  foreground  (my) experience  (my) experiences
 furniture  keen on  hate every minute of it  fantastic
 soap opera  a household name  a film part  Mediterranean
 out of the blue  persuade  settle down  public school
 amazing  interrupt  newscaster  ballerina
 MP (= Member of Parliament)  euthanasia  commit a crime colleague/ fellow worker/ co-worker
 job security  factory  look forward to  assume
 on the whole  waste time  to and fro  pass by
 escape  enquire  diploma  qualification
 fees  a deposit  application form  enrol
 risky  carry on  a grant  college
 a degree  turn down  year off/ gap year  permanent job
 temporary job  full-time job  part-time job  overseas/ abroad
 school leaver  accommodation  a vet  set up
 apply for  brochure  entry requirements  certificate
 (your) title  occupation  mother tongue/ first language  accountant
 aviation  breadwinner  a lie in  hangover
 definitely  photo booth  blurred  passerby


PDF for easy saving and printing: Units6And11VocabularyRevision

Natural English Unit 11 page

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