Present Continuous and like with ing sounds and questions

Take Off 2 Unit 15/ Lift Off 2 Unit 15 


Close your eyes and listen to someone doing an action in the classroom and guess what they are doing, for example:

  • You are bouncing a ball on the table
  • You are opening and closing the door
  • You are tapping on the window


Present Continuous mouth sounds and Present Continuous personal questions

Close your eyes and listen to someone making the sound of one of the things below with their mouths (without doing the action), e.g. “Ha ha ha” for “You are laughing”. You both get two points if you can guess first time just from the noise without opening your eyes. If your first guess is wrong, then open your eyes and watch your partner do the action while they make the noise with their mouth again. You both get one point if you can guess, or your partner will tell you the answer. Your partner then gets one point if you say “Yes, I do” when they ask you a “Do you like …ing (…)?” about the same action. Switch roles and do the same, continuing until your teacher stops the game.

Ask about any actions you don’t understand or can’t think of a noise for.

Do the same game, but this time with one point for “I don’t know” answers to “Do you like…?” after the noise guessing (and no points for “Yes, I do”).


  • brushing your teeth
  • cooking/ making breakfast
  • crying/ feeling sad
  • cycling/ riding a bicycle
  • doing karate/ doing kung fu
  • drinking
  • driving a train/ riding a train
  • driving/ driving a car
  • eating an apple
  • eating an ice cream
  • eating noodles/ eating spaghetti
  • feeling angry
  • feeling cold
  • feeling happy/ laughing
  • feeling hungry
  • feeling ill/ feeling sick
  • feeling thirsty
  • feeling tired/ feeling sleepy
  • flying a helicopter/ riding a helicopter
  • going to sleep
  • jogging/ running
  • jumping/ trampolining
  • listening to music
  • playing basketball
  • playing computer games/ playing video games
  • playing table tennis/ playing ping pong
  • playing tennis
  • playing the drums
  • playing the guitar/ playing the electric guitar
  • playing the trumpet
  • riding a horse
  • riding a motorbike/ riding a motorcycle
  • scuba diving/ snorkelling
  • shouting
  • singing/ doing karaoke
  • skiing
  • sleeping
  • swimming
  • taking a shower
  • talking on the telephone
  • waking up


PDF for easy saving and printing: Present Continuous and like with ing sounds and questions