45 teaching tenses articles for EFL teachers

Teaching tips and classroom materials on past, present and future tenses. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Teaching present tenses articles

How to teach present time expressions

36 fun classroom activities for Present Simple and Present Continuous

35 fun classroom activities for Present Continuous

56 fun classroom activities for the Present Simple

Guessing games for third person S

Adverbs of frequency games

More adverbs of frequency games

15 fun games for the Present Continuous

15 fun activities for Present Simple/ Present Continuous

Present tense video tasks 

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Present tenses worksheets

Teaching Present Perfect articles

21 fun Present Perfect and Past Simple practice activities

21 fun Present Perfect Continuous activities

How to teach Present Perfect for unfinished times

Speaking for Present Perfect with unfinished times

How to teach Present Perfect with yet and already

10 Present Perfect for experiences activities

How to teach Have you ever

15 fun Present Perfect activities

35 Present Perfect Simple and Continuous games

Explaining the Present Perfect Continuous

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Present perfect games

Teaching past tenses articles

Fun practice for the Simple Past

15 fun past continuous activities

15 fun ways of practising the Past Perfect

15 more fun ways of practising the Past Perfect

How to practise Used To

Video tasks to practice past tenses 

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Past tenses worksheets

Teaching Unreal Past articles

Unreal Past games

How to teach the Unreal Past

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Unreal past games/worksheets

Teaching future tenses articles

15 fun like and would like activities – NEW

Fun future predictions activities

General explanations for future English forms

7 fun activities for mixed future tenses

Present Continuous for arrangements games

Practice activities for going to (both plans and predictions)

Video tasks for future tenses and conditionals

15 fun ways to practise Will for Predictions

Teaching the Future Continuous

Games for future continuous

Other fun practice of Future Continuous

How to teach the Future Perfect tense

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Future tenses worksheets

Teaching conditionals articles

How to teach zero conditional

Fun 1st conditional activities

Second conditional games

15 fun ways to practise Third and Mixed Conditionals

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conditionals worksheets

Teaching the passive voice articles

11 fun passive voice games

Stimulating passive voice practice activities

Teaching imperatives articles

How to teach the imperative

Updated 14 May 2023

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