Have/ Have got games, worksheets and songs

Around 44 PDFs and other teaching ideas for expressing possession with have and have got. If you like anything here and would like more, please support TEFLtastic.

Articles on teaching have/ have got (with game ideas)

How to teach have/ have got

Games for have/ have got

7 have/ have got games for young learners

The four blocks games in the seventh section of this article – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable have/ have got classroom activities

Good and taboo have and have got questions – NEW

How many… does… have? trivia quiz (have and basic numbers, including number word recognition)

Has a car got three eyes? – have with numbers mix and match

Does he/ she/ it have drawing and coin games

Requests and enquiries with have games

Have and don’t have coin drawing

Be and have for appearances speaking

Be and have for describing appearance games

Have and want personalised guessing game

Have/ Have got with prepositions of position guessing game

He has/ She has third person S games (including objects and people vocabulary)

Do you have and May I have games (including practice of names of places and basic numbers)

Problems with Have and There are speaking (for Market Leader Elementary but adaptable for other classes)

Problems with some and any speaking (ditto)

Blog post with have/ have got game

A nice simple game for have/ has/ have got/ has got

Songs with have/ have got

We’ve Got Two Legs (actually a chant, but the only thing I’ve found with both “have got” and “has got”, from the British Council’s LearnEnglishKids)

Songs with have got list on Lyrics.com

Updated 19 August 2022

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