A nice simple game for has/ have or has got/ have got

I did this in a one-to-one class with a false beginner student, and it was great because we had about equal chance of winning the game. Will also work well with group classes I am sure:

The students compete to make pairs of true sentences about their partner’s family, friends, possessions etc by guessing things about them, e.g.

A: “You have a brother”

B: “That’s right”

A: “He has brown hair”

B: “That’s true too. One point.”

If either of the two sentences aren’t true they don’t score a point and play passes to the next person. The second statement must always be about the object in the first statement. Other examples:

“You have a bicycle” “It has a bell”

“Your area has a park” “It has a slide”

“Your house has a bathroom” “It has a bathtub”

The game can obviously be played just as easily with questions, with one point being for getting two “Yes” answers in a row.

You can give students a list of possible topics of the first statements if they get stuck for ideas (which seems fairly likely). You may also want to give them the language to play the game such as “That’s not true”.

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