Brands discussion

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 1 First Lesson

Brands and language learning

Do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

  •  I have chosen a school or some self-study materials because of a pamphlet, poster, TV advert, radio advert or other marketing
  • I chose this school or a previous school because I have a good image of the company
  • I would trust a big chain of schools more than a small local school
  • I would choose to buy self-study materials based on my image of the writer or publisher involved
  • I would choose to buy self-study materials based on my previous experiences with a writer or publisher
  • I trust the big international publishers more than local publishers when it comes to English language learning materials
  • Something being available for free on the internet would make me suspicious of its quality
  • The appearance and print quality of textbooks and self-study materials is important to me

Do you know the following teaching brands? What image do you have of them? Could a course or self-study materials being connected to them possibly change your mind about which you would pay for?

  • Oxford dictionaries
  • Penguin graded readers
  • Wall Street English
  • The British Council
  • Sharp electronic dictionaries

What is the most important quality of a good brand for you?

  • Cool
  • Value for money
  • Hard wearing, durable or reliable
  • Exotic
  • Obviously expensive
  • Modern
  • Traditional or timeless
  • Well-made or good quality
  • Sexy
  • Exclusive
  • Stylish or fashionable
  • Luxurious

Imagine you are going to launch a new brand and have to decide what your priorities are when creating the product and its image. Rank the things above from 1 to 12.


Compare your ideas with your partner


What do you think the world’s top ten brands might be?


Check your answers on Market Leader Intermediate New Edition pg 6, and try to guess their ranking from 1 to 10.


Make statements about where you think the brands go in the list, and your teacher will tell you if you are right.


 Useful languageWe’re absolutely certain that…/ convinced that…We’re fairly sure that…

We’re not sure, but we think that…

We are going to go out on a limb and say that…



PDF for easy saving and printing:Brands discussion

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