Office Automation Vocab

 Challenge your partner with one of the questions at the bottom about one of the words in the boxes

Fax Needs Lease Shift
Site Skill Form Link
Page Home Spam Blog
Screen Crash Click File
Net Drag Web Clip
Service Trouble User Copy
Rental System Setup Server
Website Data Password Laptop
Broadband Button Keyboard Virus
Cancel Message Windows Cursor
E-mail Colour Office Contents
Event Install Machine Address
Digital Maintenance Database Monitor
Internet Intranet Media interface
Engineer Double click Floppy disk USB


Questions about vocabulary


How do you spell…?

Do you spell … with a (t) or a (ch)?

How many syllables does… have?/ How many syllables are there in….?

Is … a one syllable, two syllable or three syllable word?

Which syllable of ….is stressed?

How do you pronounce…?

How do you pronounce the (first/ second) vowel sound of…?

What does… mean?/ Can you explain the meaning of…?

Can you give me an example sentence with …?


PDF version for easy printing: OAVocabularyChallenge

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