Festivals and celebrations games/ worksheets

Explaining and learning about traditional and modern celebrations and festivals PDFs. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Index pages in this section

New Year and Xmas games/ worksheets page

Photocopiable festivals and celebrations classroom materials

Describing festivals with passive voice – NEW

Festivals and celebrations vocabulary and speaking

Business meetings on festivals and celebrations (in this very cheap e-book)

Speaking about festivals and celebrations- gerunds practice

Discussing celebrations with gradable and extreme adjectives

Describing festivals and celebrations subject questions practice

Explaining Japanese festivals and celebrations (adaptable for other cultures)

What people say at important events  (with reporting verbs and names of festivals and celebrations)

Festivals and celebrations like and would like practice (starting with Xmas and New Year)

Explaining festivals and celebrations (starting with Xmas and New Year, specific to Britain and Japan, but easily adaptable with other countries)

Telephoning on festivals and celebrations (starting with ones about Xmas)

Festivals and celebrations rules (discussing how a company should deal with seasonal events, starting with Xmas)

Business meetings on festivals and celebrations (starting with discussion of office rules around Xmas)

Festival/ celebration/ ceremony extended speaking

Traditions bluff (phrases for speaking about traditional festivals)

IELTS Speaking on festivals and celebrations (also useful for non-exam classes)

FCE Speaking Part One on festivals and celebrations (ditto)

Special occasions reported speech cultural differences

Discussion questions on festivals, celebrations and public holidays

Korean festivals, celebrations and life events speaking

FCE Writing Part One essays on festivals and celebrations

Related pages

Cultural training main page

Updated 2 August 2022

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