Tense review Yes game


Ask your partner questions yes/ no about yesterday/ last weekend that you think they will be able to answer “Yes” to. You get one point for every time they say “Yes” (no points for “No”).

Tense review game

Continue the same game with the prompts below (either from this worksheet or cut up)


Tense review Yes game

Can you…?

Do you have…?

Have you got…?

Have you been…?

Did you… last weekend?

Have you… for long?

Last weekend


Do you think you will…?

Do you think…?

Are you planning to…?

Are you going to…?

Have you ever…?

Do you want to…?

Do you…?

Do you have to…?

Are you doing…?

Are you…?

Are you…… ing?

Do you often…?

Do you ever…?

Have you ever been…?

When you were at school, did you…?

Would you like to…?

Do you like…ing?



Did you….?

Next weekend

Were you…?

Have you ever…?

Have you ever been…ed…?

Did you have to…?

Are you going to…?

Are you …ing…?

Were you …ing …?

Has anyone ever told you…?

Has anyone ever asked you…?

Do you have your …?



at the moment


Have you been … ing?

Would you…?

Would you have…?

Are you thinking of…?

Do you often do…?

Have you ever done…?


Fill in all the gaps below. Where do you think these questions come from?

__________________ touch type?

___________________ speak English?

_____________________ speak any other languages?

____________________ studied outside Korea?

__________________ want to be a manager in the future?

_____________________ been in trouble with the police?

________________ you graduate from high school?

___________________ you graduate from university?

___________________ use a computer?

Do you think you___________ be happy in this company?

___________ you hardworking?

______________ you have any disabilities?

______________ you will stay with this company for a long time?

________________ you often arrive late for work?

__________________ got a high TOEIC score?

_________________ you like working with people?

__________________ often ill?

_________________ have many hobbies?

_______________ work nights?

_______________ work weekends?

________________ think your company is a good company to work for?

____________________ good at numbers?

__________________________good at paperwork?

_____________________ start work here next week?

___________________ good at teamwork?

___________________ have any problems in your last job?

What job would you like to do in the future? What questions are they likely to ask you in a job interview?

Without looking at the questions above (but looking at the previous worksheet if you need to), interview each other for jobs you would like?


PDF for easy saving and printing: tensereviewyesgame

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