Forgetting Board Game

IELTS Speaking Part Two and Three/ Functional Language- Forgetting

Ask your partner difficult to remember questions about the topics below, e.g. “When did you last…?” It doesn’t matter if they can remember the information or not, but they should try to speak as long as they can before giving up. Speaking 10 seconds without pauses = move on one square. 20 seconds= move on two squares etc. Maximum 5 squares.



Studies Accommodation Street festivals Celebrations START






School Wedding Furniture Travel Commute






Season ticket Holiday Weekend Sport Hobby Shrine/ temple etc.


Main course Village Dessert Microwave/ cooker Stove Washing



Washing up




Octopus Seaweed Supper Family Ceiling




Tidy up


Fizzy drink Housework Homework Irritated Exhausted





PDF for easy saving and printing: Forgetting Board game

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