Do you want phonics games

Lift Off 2/ Take Off 2 Unit 5 

Do you want first letters make me say yes

Take one of the letter cards and try to make your partner say “Yes, I do” with a question about something starting with that. For example, if you get “v”, you can ask “Do you want a (new) violin?” or “Do you want vanilla ice cream?” but only get a point if they say “Yes”.

Play the same game, but also taking a colour word each time and asking “Do you want a pink ball?” (for the letter B), etc. Then do the same but including the adjective cards (“big” etc).

Do you want combining letter game

Listen to your teacher or another student offer you a letter and say “Do you want…?” and answer “Yes, I do” if you want it or “No, I don’t” if you want something different. If you say “No, I don’t”, they will give you any other card without asking again. When it’s your turn again and you get more letters, put them together to make English words. You get one point for each word, including short words with just the first letters you get like “a” and “am”.

a b c d e
f g h i j
k l m n o
p q r s t
u v w y z
ch sh th th qu
a e i o u






light blue


dark blue




dark green







light green


















… and…

big small long
short tall hot
cold loud old
new fast slow


PDF for easy saving and printing: do you want phonics games Take Off 2 Unit 5