What band names mean

Ask your partner about any of the following artist and band names (or just the underlined part if there is one) that you don’t know the English meaning of. Can either of you guess?

The Rolling Stones                                                    Lady Gaga

Blur                                                                             Oasis

The Beatles                                                               Black Sabbath

Eminem                                                                      Garbage

Genesis                                                                      Led Zeppelin (= lead zeppelin)

Nirvana                                                         R.E.M

Talking Heads                                             Arctic Monkeys

Backstreet Boys                                                        Klaxons

Muse                                                                           Pixies

Slash                                                                          Sting

White Stripes                                                             AC/DC

Chubby Checker                                                       Boomtown Rats

Dire Straits                                                                Fallout Boy

Interpol                                                          Manic Street Preachers

Meat Loaf                                                                   The Prodigy

Pulp                                                                            Supertramp

Wham!                                                          Black Eyed Peas

Usher                                                                          Snoop Dogg

Ludacris (= ludicrous)                                 Scouting for Girls

All Saints                                                                    Posh Spice

Limp Bizkit (= limp biscuit)                                       Shaggy

Hear’Say (= hearsay)                                 Atomic Kitten

Busted                                                          Stereophonics

Take That                                                                   Dizzee Rascal (= dizzy rascal)

New Kids on the Block                               Vanilla Ice

The Clash                                                                   Enigma

Puff Daddy                                                                 Cornershop (= corner shop)

B*Witched (= bewitched)                                         Flying Pickets

Fairground Attraction                                 

Ask your teacher about any meaning you didn’t know.


Discuss your opinions of the music above and describe any music which your partner doesn’t know.


PDF version for easy printing: WhatBandNamesMean

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