Describing photos about work and study open cloze

FCE Speaking Part Two/ FCE Use of English Part Two/ Work and study vocabulary/ speculating language

Complete First Units 5 and 6

Put one word into each of the gaps below.


I expect ________________________ she’ll be too relaxed to actually remember anything.

After this, they _____________________________ probably remember the material well.

It is almost ___________ just before an exam, looking at the number of books on the desk.

He _________________________ be the teacher, because he’s the only adult in the room.

Actually, I used to cram before exams too, so I know ____________________________ sure that he’s left it until the last minute.

This photo could ______________________________________ been taken in the library.

It ____________________________________ well be homework instead of in classwork.


I _________________________________________ fairly certain that it’s a badly-paid job.

It seems ____________________________________________ be a restaurant or café.

He appears to ___________________________________________________ annoyed.

It looks ______________________________________________________ a difficult job.

From the look on his face, _________________________ appears to be a demanding job.

I’m not sure ___________________________________ I guess it’s just a temporary job.

He ___________________________________ possibly be a student doing a holiday job.

I ____________________________________________ imagine that it’s quite a hard job.

This is obviously ____________________________________________ a manual job, because he’s wearing a suit and tie.

_________________________________ initial impression is that it’s quite a pleasant job.

I ____________________________________ the impression that he’s enjoying himself.

Ask about any vocabulary above which you don’t understand.


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