Requests and offers games, worksheets, stories and songs

Updated 1 March 2016

Articles on teaching requests and offers

How to teach requesting

Classroom activities for the language of requests

Lists of useful language for making offers and requests

Useful language for making requests by level

Useful language for offering by level

Requests and offers photocopiable classroom activities

Will for spontaneous decisions getting reactions card game – NEW

Dealing with requests and enquiries responses card games

Do you have and May I have games (including practice of names of places and basic numbers)

Requests and comparative adjectives speaking and presentation

Offers in business practice

Longer request phrases card games

Please + imperative for offers and commands in presentations (especially useful to stop student using imperative for requests)

Please + imperative for offers and commands in emails (ditto)

Responding to requests politeness competition game

Requests in the classroom game (for adults or young learners, with practice of lots of lovely verbs)

Sentence construction requests game (for Everybody Up 4 but easily adaptable for other young learner or adult classes)

Asking for letters spelling requests game (for young learners, teens or low level adults who also need help with basic spelling)

Polite and formal requests

Requests and offers functional language review

Nights out and in requests and offers

Responding to requests games

Requests guessing games

Going to/ Will helping game

National theme parties Helping game

Requests and indirect language politeness competition game

Dealing with requests and enquiries line by line brainstorming (including telephoning language and roleplays) – NEW

Dealing with requests and enquiries politeness competition board game

Telephoning pelmanism (will, shall and can)

Requests and offers storybooks

My Gumpy’s Outing (link is reading of book on YouTube)

Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus (link is animated version on YouTube)

Requests and offers songs

Quiet please (Can I have a pencil, please? etc)

Related pages

Dealing with enquiries page (including lots of stuff relevant to requests like very useful saying no phrases)

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