Requests and offers games/ worksheets

Combined requests and offers PDFs. See the links below for ones on just one of those functions. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Related pages

Offers games/ worksheets page

Requests games/ worksheets page 

Functions main page

Lists of useful language for making offers and requests

Useful language for making requests by level

Useful language for offering by level

Photocopiable requests and offers classroom activities

Requests and offers in business presentations – NEW

Requests and offers in business meetings (with imperative presentation)

Offers, commands and requests in emails (in this bargain e-book)

Telephone requests and offers simplest responses game (in this well priced e-book)

Requests and offers functional language review

Nights out and in requests and offers

Please + imperative for offers and commands in presentations (especially useful to stop student using imperative for requests)

Please + imperative for offers and commands in emails (ditto)

and see the links above for ones just on requests and just on offers

Updated 10 Jan 2023

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