Testing vocabulary definitions game

Choose one of the words below and start explaining it which word you are thinking of without using any part of the word or expression (e.g. if you are defining An end-of-term test, you can’t say End, Term, Test, or Testing). When your partner has guessed which word you are defining they should politely interrupt you and say which word they think you are explaining.

Fail Pass Retake An exam/ examination
A test A pop quiz Multiple choice questions An entrance exam
End of term paper Continuous assessment Oral test Essay
The pass mark A distinction A degree A level test
A diagnostic test A dissertation Finals An end-of-term test
A mid-term test A portfolio An examiner An interlocutor
An examinations board Sentence completion Gap fill/ cloze Sentence transformations
Answer sheet Computer marking Cheating Revision/ revise
Practice tests Test-day nerves Cramming Crib sheet
Private tutor A school leaving test A grade A score
A certificate A qualification A graduation ceremony A diploma
A degree A Master’s A doctorate STEP
ToEFL GCSE International Baccalaureate FCE
CAE CPE IQ Placement test
Spelling test A levels A vocational qualification A test result notification
A postgraduate qualification A listening test A hearing test The answer sheet
Syllabus School league tables Revision timetable MA/ MSc/ MBA
HB pencil Absent Error correction Translation
Parent teachers’ day Marking A school report A bachelor’s degree/ BA/ BSc
Professional exams A chartered accountant Final grade A gap year
BEC KET PET Lab work
Deadline The pass mark A 2:2 Finals
(Final) dissertation Revise/ cram Cheat Thesis
Candidate Candidate number Major  
Pass with flying colours Flunk Fall at the first hurdle Scrape through



With the same vocabulary, give an opinion about or using one of the words above. Predict whether your partner agrees or disagrees by hiding something (e.g. an eraser) in your right hand (= agree) or left hand (= disagree). After they give their reaction, show them which hand you are holding something in. Did you predict their opinion correctly?


PDF version for easy printing: TestingVocabDefinitions

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