Customer service discussion questions

Market Leader Upper Intermediate Unit 10 New Edition

Which shops and restaurants that you go to have the best and worst customer service? What is good and bad about it? Can you think of any reasons why they should be different?

What is the level of customer service like in banks/ in fast food restaurants/ from (mobile) phone companies/ from utilities/ from transport companies/ from airlines in your country? Are there any differences between different providers?

How often do you complain about service? What kinds of responses have you had?

Are there any monopolies or virtual monopolies in your country? How is their customer service? How does it compare to their competitors? Can you give any examples?

How does customer service in your country compare to other countries you have been to or know about? Can you think about any reasons for the differences?

Do you think you are or could be good at customer service? What makes you say that?

Is the level of service in your country generally getting better or worse? If it depends, what does it depend on? What are the reasons for those changes, do you think?

What are the most important characteristics for someone who works in customer service, e.g. a shop assistant or someone on a helpline? Which of those personality traits do you have?

Rank these personality words from 1 (the most important thing for someone who works in customer service) to 12 (the worst thing for someone who works in customer service)












a good listener


PDF for easy saving and printing: Customer service discussion questions

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