Cutting Edge Advanced Module 1 Vocabulary and Discussion (page 9 lead in)

Work with your partner. What is the best way of explaining each of the words and phrases from this unit below? Skip any you don’t know for now

Applied Linguistics



have the right to expect

conform to


express yourself

mother tongue


annual general meeting

riot police

tear gas



ensure that







wipe away







Ask your teacher about any you don’t understand or can’t explain


Vocabulary learning

Discuss the following things in groups:

 Vocabulary lists

 Just picking vocabulary up

 The best way to learn vocabulary

 Knowing how to choose which vocabulary to learn

 Guessing meaning from context

Opinions language

What phrases for giving your opinions can include the following words?

experience humble honest

strongly really reservations

concerned ask as far

positive absolutely doubt

convinced the way

Check with your worksheets from yesterday

What are the differences between the pairs of sentences below?

I am positive about that/ I feel positive about that

As far as I know/ In my experience

In my experience/ In my case


Use those and similar phrases to discuss the topics below

 International brands

 International chains of restaurants, hotels and shops

 Hollywood movies

 Western pop music

 Watching foreign sports teams

 Imported food

 Multinational corporations

 Multi-ethnic societies

 Immigration

 Mass tourism

 The effect of globalisation on your city

Discuss whether each of the sentences below could describe the capital city of your country. What other places you know or know about could each one also refer to?

 Smartly dressed people clutching mobile phones

 Road signs and billboards in English

 Architectural marvels

 A forest of construction cranes and bulldozers

 Shopping malls and five-star hotels rise from the rubble

 The city is changing so rapidly that it makes you dizzy

 Most youngsters are more interested in money, motorbikes, fashion, video games and rock music

 Bicycles and ox carts were the main form of transport a decade ago but both are now prohibited on the new freeways and toll roads

What city do you think all of the statements above refer to? Is the writer’s impression of the modern city generally positive or negative, do you think?

Read the text on page 9 and check


PDF for easy saving and printing: Cutting Edge Advanced Module 1 Vocabulary

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