Your weekend conversational reaction Answer Me game

Teachers’ instructions

Students deal out the cards and then tell a story about their weekend (real or made up) to try and get a response that is on one of the cards that they are holding. If their partner does say one of those things, they can discard that card. The first person with no cards left in their hand is the winner.

 That’s a shame  I envy you  That’s sounds awful
 That sounds delicious  I really must try that some day  That’s such a coincidence. I…
 I don’t believe it!  That’s a pity  I’m sorry to hear that.
 Lucky you!  Better luck next time!  That sounds wonderful
 Funny you should say that, because…  You’re joking  You’re kidding
 So, what happened?  That was lucky!  Wow!
 Congratulations  That sounds relaxing  You must be very proud


PDF for easy saving and printing: YourWeekendFunctions

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