Answer me! (TEFLtastic classics Part Three)

A simple and very adaptable speaking game. If you like this and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Updated 15 February 2020

Another game which is simplicity itself. Students are dealt out cards with simple short answers on them and must get that reaction from their partner to be able to discard the card, with the first person with no cards left being the winner. For example, if you hold the card saying “I absolutely detest it” you won’t be able to discard that card if you ask me “How do you feel about washing up?” (“I don’t mind it”) but you will if you ask me “How do you feel about jazz?”

Worksheeted versions:

How questions card games (roleplays, bluffing, Answer Me and brainstorming) – NEW

Time expressions with Present Simple (frequency expressions and prepositions of time practised with Make Me Say Yes, Things in Common, and Answer Me games)

Countable and uncountable answer me (starting with countable and uncountable make me say yes)

Frequency expressions Answer me game

Requests Answer me (only the second activity)

Your weekend conversational reactions Answer me

Short answers Answer me

Conversational reactions Answer me game version 3

How questions Answer me

So and neither Answer Me

Adverbs of frequency Answer Me

Social expressions Answer Me

Conversational reactions Answer Me


Description of Present Perfect Simple and Continuous Answer me (number 10 in the list)

Also possible for all kinds of stuff, e.g. past time expressions (two days ago, when I was young, since January, etc), numbers, and short answers (Yes, I have etc).

Click on the “TEFLtastic classics” tag below for the rest of the series including the easier version Make Me Say Yes and if you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

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