Quoting sources longer phrases card game




(considerable/ large)

body of literature exists on the effects of…



A good





source on this topic is….


According to


(the majority of)/ (the vast majority of)




According to Harding’s



(recent/ seminal)


paper on the topic,…

As noted in a recent report on


(exactly/ more or less)



the same topic,…


Keynes claimed



(rather unconvincingly)


to have proved…

For this essay, I consulted newspapers of the period



(in an attempt)


to explain why…


I also surveyed



(a selection of)


the literature on…



In the





words of JFK….

Knight’s ideas were set out in her book “Inside Us Both”,



(which was) (first)


published in 1936.

One famous quote on this topic,




attributed to Pitt the Younger, is…






recent secondary sources were also consulted.


Smith (1973) proved to be a





valuable source of…









literature suggests…






(most widely recognised)

authority on this matter is…, who says…


The long term effects are not








This essay takes



(most of/ much of/ some of)



its data from…

This paper begins with a review of the





literature on…


This paper makes






reference to the work of…


This work draws




on the work of Graham (2006).





(attempt to)

paraphrase the whole paper,…


We can




contrast this quote with another by Walpole, who said…


Students match first the left hand and right hand columns to make basic phrases, then perhaps after brainstorming things that could go in the middle, add the cards in bold to check and expand on their answers.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Quoting sources longer phrases card game

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