Things in common tense review

Try to complete at least half of the sentences below with things you think are also true for your partner:

I hardly ever ________________________

I ____________________ almost every day

I am feeling _______________

My mother is _______________ing at the moment

I was ____________________ ing this time last week

I will be __________________ing this time next year

I have been ____________________ing for about a year

I have been ___________________ing recently

I have ____________________ twice

I have never ______________________

I ______________________ yesterday

I last _______________________ a long time ago

I first ____________________ last year

By the time I got home yesterday, I had ______________________

I had just __________________ when I started this course

I had been ___________________ing for a while when I met my husband/ wife/ boyfriend/ girlfriend

I will have __________________ by the time I retire

I will _______________________ in my 50s

I am _______________________ ing my _____________ at the weekend

I am going to ___________________ in my next holiday

My _____________________ starts at __________________

Read out the sentences which you are most confident are things you have in common and respond to your partner’s sentences with things like “So…”, “Me too”, “Neither…”, “Nor…” or “Really? I…”


PDF for easy saving and printing: Things in common tense review

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