HR vocabulary ask and tell coin game

Instructions for teachers

Cut up one copy of the worksheet per group of two to four students. Students deal out all the cards. One student chooses one of their cards and makes a personal question about that topic and/ or using that word. They then flip a coin. If they get heads (= ask), they can ask someone else that question. If they get tails (= tell), they have to answer their own question. Everyone can then ask follow-up questions, but people can (politely) refuse to answer those follow-up questions if they like. Play then passes to the next person. Students continue picking cards and asking questions until you stop the game.  

You might want to give them suggested questions such as “Are you good at…?”, “Do you have any plans to…?”, “Do you like…?”, “How would you feel about…?” and “What would you do…?” It’s best to ask them to just skip any vocabulary that they don’t understand, explaining those words and brainstorming suitable questions together as a class at the end of the game.

Cards to cut up

absent/ skip work


character/ personality
(pad your/ lie on your/ update your/ type up your) CV/ résumé delegate/ delegating/ delegation
(sexual/ age/ racial) discrimination/ glass ceiling duty/ responsibility


(female/ direct) boss


(in)efficient/ efficiency


headhunter/ headhunting


(office/ working) hours


(take part in) industrial action (e.g. strike)


(job/ second/ fail a/ panel) interview


leadership (skills)/ (a natural) leader


(maternity/ annual/ paid/ paternity/ sick) leave
motivate/ motivated/ motivating/ motivation


(unpaid) overtime


overworked/ stress/ stressed


performance (related pay/ related bonuses)
perks (of a job)


permanent job/ permanent contract


promotion/ be promoted


(relevant/ vocational/ professional) qualification(s)/ (over) qualified
quit (your job)/ resign


(voluntary) redundancy (package)/ (made) redundant/ be downsized/ laid off
retire/ (early) retirement


(job) satisfaction/ satisfied
(computer/ language/ interpersonal/ time management/ organisational) skills team(work/ building)
(re)training (course)


(main) weak point(s)



PDF for easy saving and printing: HR vocabulary ask and tell Shorter version

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