Describing appearance fairy tale chain story/ consequences

Fill just one gap below, fold the paper so the next person can’t see it and pass it to them. When it is finished, open the story you are given and tell the class if it makes sense or not.

Once upon a time, a(n) ___________________ princess lived in a tower in the forest.


She had ____________________________________________________ hair


and ________________________________________________ eyes.


Everybody said that she was the (most)_______________(-est) girl in the land.


The tower was guarded by a ________________________________.


He had one ____________________ eye and one _______________ eye.


His teeth were __________________ and ______________________.


He also had the _______________________ nose that you have ever seen.


He wanted to marry the princess, but she said no because he was too ___________.


One day, a(n) _________________________________ came past the tower.


He was wearing __________________________________________.


His eyes were ___________________ and he had ____________________.


He saw the princess in the tower and he fell in love with her beautiful ____________.


He challenged the guard to a fight. _______________________________ won, the princess married him, and they lived happily ever after. The end.


Now, write your own fairytale. It can be one that you have made up or a story that you have heard before. Try to use words to describe what the characters look like with “She was…”, “He had…”, etc. Write at least one page, and continue on the other side or on more paper if you like.


PDF for easy saving and printing: Appearance fairytale chain story

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