Household vocabulary games, worksheets, stories and songs

House, rooms and furniture PDFs, picture books and music. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic

Lists of language for describing homes

British and American house and home and describing places vocabulary lists – the third and fourth lists here

Photocopiable household vocabulary classroom activities

British and American household vocabulary quiz checking/ clarifying practice

House, family and prepositions (bluffing and drawing games)

House and home likes, dislikes and recommendations

Household vocabulary roleplays

There is/ are/ was/ were and household vocabulary writing tasks

IELTS Speaking Part One on accommodation

Household countable and uncountable nouns

Other worksheets including household vocabulary

Homes and architecture Pictionary

Where you live vocabulary and speaking

Present Continuous and places guessing game

Have/ Have got with prepositions of position guessing game

Present Continuous and prepositions of position drawing game

Is there a…? Are there any…? coin drawing game

What’s in the…? There is/ There are… pick and draw drawing game

How many are there? games (with prepositions of position)

There is/ There are plus prepositions make me say yes game

There is/ There are How many board game

Household vocabulary stories

Where’s Spot? (classic flap book for prepositions, furniture vocabulary and animals – link to an article of mine on using this book, and read throughs also available on YouTube, though I haven’t found a good one)

We Eat Dinner In the Bathtub (rooms and daily routines actions with Present Simple- link to read through on YouTube)

Homes and Houses Then and Now (get students to identify things that still exist now in the very different homes in the past such as the beds in the cave and the fan in the Egyptian house)

Who’s Making That Mess? (no suitable words in the actual story, but lots of room vocabulary and related things like “stairs” and “bin” that you could bring in through the pictures)

Goodnight Moon (less than half of the vocabulary is related to the topic, but you could go through the book a second time getting students to say “Goodnight” to everything else that they can see, trying not to repeat the words that were in the story)

Household vocabulary songs

Let Me Take You on a Tour of My House song (there is/ there is with furniture and rooms vocabulary – surprisingly funky, but doesn’t quite rhyme)

In My Room There is a… song (quite simple, but some amusing bits like a spider on a clock)

I’m Playing My Guitar in the Bedroom song (Present Continuous for actions in different rooms, with a terrible tune but quite a fun twist with “Please be quiet, I’m trying to sleep”)

I am a Red Chair song (very basic, but maybe the only one without “There is/ are…”, so maybe good if you’ve just done imperative and/or colours)

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Updated 16 July 2022