Short answers games, worksheets and songs

Updated 11 January 2018

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and click on the Yes/ No questions link above for numerous others which can be made suitable simply by insisting on short answers when they ask each other questions

Short answers songs

Yes No questions song (EFL kids song from autoenglish, with a cheap and cheerful tune and lots of different yes/ no questions and short answers – link to song on YouTube with lyrics) – NEW LINK

Yes, I do by Shakin Stevens (“Yes, I do”, “No, I don’t”, “Yes, I should”, “Yes, I could” and “No, I won’t”, with matching yes/ no questions – link to lyrics) – NEW LINK

Do you like broccoli ice cream? on SuperSimpleLearning (“Yes, I do” and “No, I don’t”)

Can a flea climb a tree?  on LearnEnglishKids (“Yes, it can” and “No, it can’t”)