Clothes shopping articles roleplays

Add a, an, the or – to the gaps in the typical shopping sentences below

Can I help you?

Yes. Do you have these shorts in _____ smaller size?

Do you sell _______ hats?

Yes, we do. They are on _____ top shelf.

I ’m looking for _______ white T-shirt.

_________ T-shirts are in ______ corner, next to _______ shorts.

Can I try it on?

Of course, ________ changing rooms are over there.

Is it okay?

Actually, _______ sleeves are too long. Do you have _____ similar top with shorter sleeves?

I would like to buy a dress with ______ short sleeves.

Do you mean _______ summer dress or ______ more formal dress?

If you are looking for ______ summer dress, can I recommend this one?

That is ________ shortest dress I’ve ever seen!

Can I pay by _________ credit card?

Of course, _______ till is on _____ right near _____ exit.

Are those trousers okay, sir?

I’m afraid not, ____ left leg is longer than ______ right leg!

I’m terribly sorry, sir. I will get you another pair straightaway.

_____ shape of this party dress is a little wrong. I wanted something with ______ thinner waist.

How about this dress, madam? It is ____ very popular dress _____ this year. It was made in _______ Italy by _______ Versace.

In the sentences above, which lines are said by the shop assistant and which lines are said by the customer?


Roleplay clothes shopping conversations in pairs, first using the worksheet if you need to and then doing it without help


PDF for easy saving and printing: Clothes shopping articles

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