Talking about a night out Extended speaking

New Cutting Edge Intermediate Modules 7

Your partner will talk about one thing it is possible to do on a night out, e.g. ten pin bowling, bar hopping, buffet-style restaurants, cinema, or theatre. As they speak you should not interrupt them or ask questions, but instead just tick off the topics below that they speak about. When they have nothing left to say, you can ask them the questions below that they haven’t answered (as long as they are relevant to the topic they chose)

 Where you do it

 Who you do it with

 Why you do it

 How long you do it for

 How much it costs/ How much you spend on it

 How often you do it (More or less than in the past?/ More or less in the future?)

 How popular it is, in your region, your country and abroad

 Who it is popular with

 Getting more or less popular?

 Changing in any other way?

 Different from place to place?

 Advantages and disadvantages/ Good points and bad points

 Who you’d recommend it to and wouldn’t recommend it to

 The future of this kind of entertainment

 The history of this kind of entertainment (in your country and in the world)


Discuss the questions above for these three kinds of entertainment:

 Karaoke

 Pizza chain restaurants (e.g. Pizza Hut)

 Clubbing (= Nightclubs = Discos)


PDF for easy saving and printing: Going out at night extended speaking

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