Time expressions games, worksheets, stories and songs

Around 30 teaching ideas, including pdfs. If you find something you like here, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 26 February 2018

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Days of the week games, worksheets, stories and songs page

Dates games, worksheets, stories and songs page

Photocopiable times expressions classroom activities

IELTS Speaking Part One board game (including brief brainstorming past, present and future time expressions stage)

Photocopiable present time expressions classroom activities

Time expressions with Present Simple speaking game and presentation

Present Simple and Continuous for explaining your company and job (with time expressions with present tenses presentation)

Present Simple and Continuous things in common (ditto)

Present Simple and Continuous needs analysis interviews (ditto)

Photocopiable past time expressions classroom activities

I Brushed my Teeth in January time expressions with Past Simple and Present Perfect poem

Guess the past time game (with lots of useful time expressions)

Past prepositions of time Snap

Present Perfect saying yes bluffing game (with brief time expressions presentation)

Small talk with Past Simple and Present Perfect (with time expressions presentation)

Photocopiable future time expressions classroom activities

Making arrangements phone calls game (with brief stage brainstorming future time expressions)

Guess the future time game


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