Twelve jobs a year – a months story

A story teaching months of the year by Alex Case 

Possible activities

You might want to prepare pictures, mimes, sound effects etc to help make the meaning clear as you read the book.

As you read the story the first time, get them to say the months at the end of each line and to guess what Alex’s December job is. They can then:

  • try to remember which month for the jobs said in random order
  • try to remember the jobs for each month
  • discuss if the same jobs are suitable for each month for their own country/ area
  • suggest other jobs (including ones which match their own country better)
  • make up their own similar stories (perhaps with other secret jobs such as the Easter Bunny)
  • draw pictures for this or their own stories


Twelve jobs a year

A story teaching months by Alex Case

One-page version

Alex has never had one job for a whole year.


Instead, he controls the crazy shoppers in the New Year sales in January.


He clear snow from the roads in February.


He sells Mother’s Day flowers in March.


He helps baby lambs in April.


He shoots the starter gun at sports days in May.


He checks exam for cheating in June.


He cleans out school lockers in July.


He saves swimmers in the sea in August.


He helps little children cross the road in front of the school (and gives tissues to crying mothers) in September.


He picks berries and apples in October.


He sweeps up leaves in November.


And no one knows what he does in December. He comes home later and later every day and then he doesn’t come home at all for about a week. Then he returns not with money like he does in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November. Instead he comes home with sacks and sacks filled with thousands of carrots and mince pies. He sleeps for a week and then wakes up refreshed.


Just in time for another January and the start of another year…


PDF version for easy saving and printing, with page by page version: twelve jobs a year months story