Headlines vocabulary extended speaking and test each other (Turn taking and classroom questions)

Talk about one of the topics as much as you can. Your partner will try to politely interrupt you and take over the topic, with you trying to politely stop them or take the turn back afterwards.

Good and bad reasons for being acquitted

Advantages and disadvantages of aid for developing countries

Things that should be axed

Policies of the present government which you back

Arguments for and against an Olympics bid

What to do if there was a blast outside this building

What to do if there was a blaze downstairs

Good reasons for boycotting companies and countries

Scientific breakthroughs which would have a big impact on our lives

Your experiences of being a bystander during a crime or accident

Ways to tell if a politician’s claims are false

Clashes with your parents

Activities in this place which should be cracked down on

Common actions in the street which should be curbed

How to successfully deny an accusation

The best comic duo

What you would do if you were the envoy to North Korea

The biggest problems which this countries faces

The best way to flee this city if there was a radioactive cloud

Your forecasts for the economy

What you’d do if you headed this university

Arguments for and against a tax hike

Arguments for and against legalizing marihuana

Suitable punishments for maiming someone

How to take advantage of any lull in tensions with North Korea

Obstacles to better relations with China

Reasons why university entrance exams can be described as an ordeal

The best way to oversee teachers

Things you’d like to poll your classmates about

Arguments for and against nuclear power proceeding

Things that you have vowed to do

Things that you have scores of

Ways in which this country is slipping behind

Crimes you would spare people prison for

Public roles you would and wouldn’t stand for

Things you’ve been stunned by

Household strife

Things you suspect your neighbours of

Arguments for and against direct talks with North Korea

Threats to the future of this city

Ask your teacher about the vocabulary above, e.g.  meaning, spelling, pronunciation, differences, examples, syllables, stress, kinds of word.

What are the questions for each of the points in the last instructions? Check on the next page.
What does… mean?                                                             How do you spell…?

How do you pronounce this word?                                       How many syllables does… have?

What’s the difference between… and…?                           Is there another way to say…?

Can you give me an example sentence with… in it?         Which syllable of… is stressed?

What kind of word is…? (noun, verb, adjective, etc)

Test each other on the underlined vocabulary on the last page, then on the words below.

1.     charge (n/ v)

2.     cite (v)

3.     demand (n/ v)

4.     drama (n)

5.     eye (v)

6.     forecast (n/ v)

7.     hearing (n)

8.     imminent (adj)

9.     ink (v)

10.  launch (n/ v)

11.  loom (v)

12.  pen (v)

13.  plea (n)/ plead (v)

14.  plot (n/ v)

15.  probe (n/ v)

16.  propose (v)

17.  protest (n/ v)

18.  quake (n)

19.  riddle (n)

20.  rock (v)

21.  rumour (n/ v)

22.  safeguard (n/ v)

23.  seek (v)

24.  sentence (n/ v)

25.  slam (v)

26.  stand (for…) (v)

27.  stand trial (v + n)

28.  standoff (n)

29.  step up (v)

30.  suspect (n/ v)

31.  target (n/ v)

32.  unrest (n)

33.  urge (v)


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Headline vocab extended speaking

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