BULATS Speaking Part Two on the topic of brands

Market Leader Intermediate New Edition Unit 1

You are going to give a short presentation.  You have a choice of three topics.  Choose one that you feel you can talk about.  You have one minute to prepare your talk.  Then you will have one minute to speak about it.  You can make notes if you wish.


A: Talk about a brand that you often use and/ or buy. You should say:

  • How it differs from other brands
  • How and why you first bought or used it
  • Why you are loyal to that brand

And say whether you are usually stick to the same brands or not, and why



B: Give a short presentation about a brand that you are aware of but have never bought. Things to include in your presentation:

  • How you became aware of this product
  • The most recent publicity you have seen for it
  • Your opinion of it

And say why you have never bought this product (so far)



C: Talk about an example of brand stretching that you were surprised by, including:

  • What kinds of products this brand is usually associated with
  • The kind of product you were surprised by
  • What other people’s reactions were to that brand stretching

And say what kinds of brand stretching might have been less surprising and why.



PDF for easy saving and printing: BULATS Speaking Part Two brands

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