Months games, worksheets, stories and songs

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Teaching months articles

How to teach months – LINK UPDATED

Some blocks games in this article – LINK UPDATED

Photocopiable months classroom activities

In May the Clouds are Gold and Silver – months and colours mix and match

Weather, clothes, times and Present Continuous mix and match

Put the months in order games

Names of months flashcard memory games

Months battleships guessing game

Stacking races game (cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers, dates, days of the week, months and times)

Months hangman guessing game (with suggested things to say about each month)

Lucy wasn’t Impressed months story

1999 was a Strange Year months story (teaching months forwards and backwards)

Twelve Jobs a Year months story

Names of months dominoes

Seasons vocabulary games (including months practice)

Photocopiable months and dates classroom activities

Days and dates True or false game(including lots of months practice)

Months and dates memory game

Put the dates in order games

Guess the dates Warmer cooler game

Months songs

The Calendar Song (quite funny one about eating ice cream all week and all year with, unusually, both days of the week and months, but animation a bit rubbish)

Time for another year (names of months song on LearnEnglishKids – good tune and nice animation but maybe a little fast)

Months stories

Spring is Here by Taro Gomi (not clear which page is which month, but that could add some useful classroom discussion for extra months practice, link to YouTube read-through)

Lucy wasn’t Impressed months story

1999 was a Strange Year months story (teaching months forwards and backwards)

Twelve Jobs a Year months story

Twelve hats for Lena by Karen Katz (some difficult vocabulary, but short pages with nice rhymes and pictures – link to read through on YouTube)

How do I say it today, Jesse Bear? (quite difficult vocabulary and some pictures and events quite culturally specific, but some key words that students can catch, and then they can brainstorm other things for each month – link to read through on YouTube

The turning of the year by Bill Martin Jr (link to reviews on GoodReads)

Lighting our world, a year of celebrations by Catherine Rondina (haven’t seen this book, but two pages per month so probably can drill with it and discuss some of the pictures and words on each page – link to reviews on GoodReads)

Chicken soup with rice (song with pictures by Maurice Sendak – quite difficult vocabulary, but pictures are amusing and make the meaning clear, so could just drill the dates as you turn the pages and describe each page – link to song with pages of the picture book on YouTube)

CalendarBears, a book of months (looks like it might be useful, but no read throughs online and probably difficult to get hold of – link to reviews on GoodReads)

A Busy Year by Leo Leonni (a good, proper story, but very difficult to simplify)

January rides the wind, a book of months (too poetic, but pictures could be useful – link to reviews on GoodReads)

Around the year by Elsa Beskow

April Rabbits by David Cleveland (link to kids acting the story out on YouTube)

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