2nd conditional sentence completion guessing game

A: Complete these sentences for yourself

1. If I went to the moon,

2. If I could have one wish,

3. If I were famous,

4. If I could see in the dark,

5. If I had X-ray vision,


6. If I was a genius,

7. If I was stranded on a desert island,

8. If I was a woman/ man,

9. If I was the person sitting next to me,

10. If I was/ wasn’t married,


11. If I was an ant,

12. If I didn’t have to sleep,

13. If I could be doing anything I liked now, I would be

14. If I was 50 cms tall

15. If I had 4 arms,


16. If I was a fish,

17. If I could fly,

18. If I had a tail,

19. If I was very rich,

20. If I was the most beautiful person in the world,


21. If I could do magic,


B: Get into groups of 3. Tell your partners the second half of one of your sentences ( ‘ I would ………..’)

They must guess which sentences you have completed.

e.g. ‘I would go to America’

’Is this something you would do if you were a fish?’

‘No, it isn’t.

‘Is it something you would do if you could fly?’

‘Yes, it is.’

C: Now write 4 complete sentences of your own

22. If

23. If

24. If

25. If

D: Repeat what you did in part B, this time with your own sentences from part C.


PDF for easy saving and printing: 2nd Conditionals sentence completion

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8 Responses to 2nd conditional sentence completion guessing game

  1. nour says:

    it’s a good activity because it helps students learn grammar with fun. I think If I use it with my students, they will enjoy it. Thank you

  2. Sabrina says:

    It’ great!! I love it

  3. vera says:

    I used it with my students and we had a lot of fun.Tks

  4. Kelly says:

    This is nice but in the second conditional in English you use “were” no matter the subject. For example, “If I were stranded on an island,” or “If I were a man,” etc.

  5. alexcase says:

    That is still true to some extent, but is a little old fashioned and is mainly used nowadays in fixed expressions like “If I were you”. In other sentences like “If I were older”/ “If I was older”, the latter is probably more commmon in speech. Feel free to adapt the worksheet though.

  6. gabriela says:

    great job!!! thank you

  7. Hana says:

    Whatever the case of ‘if I were/was’, it’s good to choose one option and stick to it and not mix them.

  8. alexcase says:

    I’d agree in normal production such as writing, but I think in class it’s well worth showing students that both are okay by including both

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