Mr Bean- The Exam (fluency practice)

Student A (person not watching screen)

Your teacher will pause the video 7 seconds in. Ask your partner to continue describing what they see until you can answer all the questions below. You can’t ask your partner any questions.

How many people can be seen?

What colour is Mr Bean’s neighbour’s jacket?

What colour is Mr Bean’s tie?

Which people are talking to each other?

Who is looking at Mr Bean?

Where can doors be seen?

How many statues are there?

What is on the tables?

The rest of the video will be played through without stopping. Listen as your partner describes everything and put the following events into order.

He takes out an alarm clock and puts it on the table

So does Mr Bean

Mr Bean’s pocket is empty

So does Mr Bean

Mr Bean moves towards his partner

He blows the paper

The man takes a pencil out of his pocket and puts it on the table

Mr Bean starts writing quickly

His alarm clock rings

The man takes a pen out of his pocket and puts it on the table

The man starts writing

Mr Bean tries to look at the other man’s answers

He coughs

He drops his pen

He takes out a green piece of paper

Mr Bean looks worried

He cries

He takes out the white piece of paper

Mr Bean talks to his neighbour

Mr Bean picks up his briefcase and puts it on the bench

After the film finishes, you can ask your partner 5 questions to help you complete the task above.

Watch the film to check your answers.


Mr Bean The Exam Fluency practice

Student B (person who can see the screen)

Only look at this worksheet after the film finishes.

What do you remember?

What things does Mr Bean put on the desk?

How many pens and pencils are there approximately?

What two red things are in the wall in the room?

How many people are in the room in total?

Is anyone wearing anything orange?

What does the examiner say that makes Mr Bean throw his pen away?

What do you think?

Why does Mr Bean have/ take out so many pencils?

Is anything in the film realistic?

Was it funny?

Have you ever cheated in an exam?

Do you think it is quite common?

Do you know anyone who has ever been caught cheating?

What’s the worst exam experience you have had/ heard about?

Watch the film one more time to check your answers above.


PDF for easy saving and printing:  MrBeanTheExamFluency

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