Men and shopping articles and discussion

Fill in the gaps below with a, an, the or –

_______ men’s attitudes to shopping have changed a lot over the years in __________ Britain.

The husbands used to …sit in _____ comfortable chairs and read their newspapers while their wives did ______ shopping.

Everyone knows that the women did all _____ food shopping.

Even as recently as _____ 1970s, married men never used to do _____ food shopping and some of them didn’t even buy their own clothes- their wives did!

The men’s clothes shop ________ Austin Reed used to have a shopping girlfriend service for _____ single men.

Nowadays, _______ most men buy their own clothes.

You see _______ husbands doing _____ weekly shopping in _____ supermarket all the time.

40 years ago, you didn’t use to see ________ perfumes and ______ skincare products for ________ men. But now you can buy them everywhere.

Listen and check


Which of the sentences is most surprising?


Which of the sentences above are true in your country?


How was shopping for men and women different in your parents’ generation? And in your grandparents’ generation?



Which grammatical forms in the sentences above can you use to talk about things that were true in the past but are not true now?


What are the two ways of saying the negative of that form, for things that didn’t happen in the past?


PDF version for easy saving and printing: Men and shopping articles

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