Imperative games, worksheets, stories and songs

Positive and negative imperative for commands, orders, instructions and offers PDFs and teaching activities. If you like anything here and want more, please support TEFLtastic.

Updated 21 March 2020

Teaching imperative tips

How to teach the imperative (article) – NEW

How to really teach the imperative (blog post)

Photocopiable imperative classroom activities

Requests and imperative in travel English

Imperatives pick and act TPR game

Please + imperative for offers and commands in presentations

Please + imperative for offers and commands in emails

Advice for foreign travellers zero conditional with modals and imperative practice

Advice for parents Zero conditional practice

Imperative stories

No David! by David Shannon (read through on YouTube) – LINK FIXED

Little Miss Bossy by Roger Hargreaves (link to read through on YouTube)

Imperative songs

Quiet please! (Stand up Sit down, etc on LearnEnglishKids) – LINK FIXED

and about a million pop songs, including most songs starting with “Don’t…”, Stop in the Name of Love, Get Down, etc etc etc

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