TV Movies Music opinions adjectives game

Write something in at least half of the gaps below to make true sentences about yourselfUsing the remote control all the time is _____________________________

Heavy rock is __________________________________

I feel _______________________ when I listen to classical music

Traditional folk music from my country is _______________________________

Learning to play a musical instrument is ________________________________

Going to a pop concert with your mum or dad is __________________________

Reading the newspaper is _____________________________________

I feel ___________________ when the TV is turned off after watching it for a long time

Using a video recorder is __________________________________

I feel _______________________________ when I watch sports programmes

I feel __________________________________ watching DVDs on my own in my bedroom

I would feel ______________________________ if I saw my friend on the TV news

I think horror movies are ________________________________________

I think action movies are _______________________________________

Tell your partner one of the things you have written. Only say the part you have written, not the whole sentence. Your partner should try to guess which sentence your words come from. When they have guessed correctly, discuss if you agree or disagree with their opinion.Write the expressions you used to agree and disagree with your partner in the boxes below.


Agreeing Disagreeing

Listen and write more expressions of agreeing and disagreeing in the correct box above.


 PDF version for easy printing: MediaGuessingGame

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